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General info & onshore program

Event procedure

The ships leave from Bingen or Rüdesheim in the late afternoon / early evening. Passing numerous castles, the journey leads into the legendary Rhine Gorge. It’s not without reason that the Rhine Valley between Rüdesheim and Coblenz was declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. As if on a string of pearls, fortresses, old toll castles and romantic ruins line up along both sides of the Rhine. The water level and time of departure determine how far the ships travel in the direction of the Lorelei cliff before meeting at the small village of Trechtingshausen. From there, they make their way past numerous large fireworks displays on their return journey to Rüdesheim or Bingen. The ship convoy of about 30 illuminated ships and the impressive thundering echo of the magnificent fireworks are fascinating. The Rhine in Flames ends with a great fireworks display which is shot off from a floating platform (pontoon) in the middle of the Rhine between Rüdesheim and Bingen. The ships then moor in Rüdesheim or Bingen at around midnight.


Rhine in Flames is an event organised by the City of Bingen Tourist Information Office and the Rüdesheim Tourist AG. The two cities are situated on the opposite banks of the Rhine.

There is a ferry connection between the cities; it remains in operation after the event, until about 1.00 a.m. The nearest bridges over the Rhine are in Wiesbaden (approx. 30 km) and Koblenz (approx. 70 km).

An amusing general programme awaits the guests onshore. Further details to the onshore program will be announced.