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13th August 2022

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Rhine in Flames in Koblenz

Every year in August since 1956, the Rhine Valley has been wondrously lit up by red Bengal flares and fireworks.

On 13 August 2022, the summery night sky of the Middle Rhine Valley will shine for the 65th time. Every year on the second Saturday in August, Europe’s largest ship procession winds its way from Spay/Braubach to Koblenz. It’s an unforgettable experience that ties in with the three-day Koblenzer Sommerfest.


The first fireworks display was held in Koblenz in 1756 – that’s 260 years ago – in honour of Elector Johann Philipp von Waldendorf. The tradition was continued until the 1930s, albeit in irregular intervals and for various occasions. Then, during the war years, it was halted. The Rhine in Flames event got started in 1956, and it has been held annually on the second weekend in August ever since. Back then, there were 30 ships and about 150,000 visitors. These days, between 40 and 60 ships travel the illuminated 17-km route from Spay/Braubach to Koblenz every year.

25,000 visitors have the opportunity to watch the fireworks spectacle from aboard a passenger ship, but the 100,000 visitors on land can also enjoy a varied and entertaining programme in the towns of Spay, Brey, Rhens, Braubach, Lahnstein and Koblenz.


Get ready for spectacular and varied fireworks displays; let yourself be inspired while watching from land or the water.


Join us and experience an unforgettable evening in the Middle Rhine Valley!