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St. Goar

Important visitor information for St. Goar

(Subject to change)


1. parking facilities in St. Goar

Parking facilities in St. Goar will be marked and regulated by security staff on site. Please pay attention to the signs and barriers!

The following parking spaces are available in St. Goar:


For cars

  • Along the B9 in the town area on designated parking spaces

  • Uphill along the B9 in the direction of St. Goar-Kernstadt from the junction with Gründelbachtal (L206)

  • Along the B9 towards St. Goar-Fellen (northern exit) on both sides of the road from the Gründelbachtal junction (L206)

  • St. Goar-Werlau: at the open-air swimming pool

For buses

  • Busses have the possibility to let their passengers get on and off the buses in the designated areas and then park along the B9 in the direction of the district of Fellen. A parking fee of 10 Euro will be charged by our parking attendant.

  • Shuttle bus (fare 5,-€ there and back)

    1. from Werlau/Schwimmbad to St. Goar (16-20 h and 22:30 - 23:30 h)

    2. from St. Goar-Biebernheim to St. Goar (16-20 hrs and 22:30 - 23:30 hrs)


2. Closure of access roads

For safety reasons, the police will sooner or later have to completely close the access roads to St. Goar. The complete closure will affect federal road 9 between the St. Goar-Gründelbach entrance and the An der Loreley district. The police alone will decide exactly when the road will be closed based on the traffic situation on the day of the event. We therefore ask you to arrive early (before 6 pm)!

The road closures will be reopened by the police after the fireworks. It is not allowed to drive on the B9 in the city area before the police have cleared the road!


3. St. Goar-St. Goarshausen Ferry

Before the fireworks, the ferry will operate as a regular shuttle service for pedestrians until approx. 19.00 hrs.

Cars can only use the ferry until approx. 18.00 hrs.

Visitors using the ferry on foot are requested to change to the side of the Rhine they wish to be on after the fireworks at 7 p.m. at the latest. The shuttle service after the fireworks can only be resumed after the water police have given the go-ahead - this may take until around 11.00 pm.

Afterwards, the Loreley car and passenger ferry will run between the two towns for cars and pedestrians during the night from Saturday to Sunday until 00:00.


4. St. Goar Tourist Information Office opening hours

The St. Goar Tourist Information Office is open on Friday, 15/09/2023 from 10.00 a.m. to 4.5 p.m. and on Saturday, 16/09/2023 from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Travelling by train and special transport

St. Goar

Train connections

Train connections from and to St. Goar can be found online at


Visitor information:
Due to the big rush to the railway station following the fireworks display, we will continue to deploy more security forces and police around the station. They will regulate the flow of people on the platform.
Please follow their announcements – it primarily serves your safety.

Your travels can also be more relaxed if, instead of leaving right after the fireworks, you visit our Wine Festival and take one of the later trains.



St. Goar

Shuttle buses are also planned for 2020.

You will find more information here around two weeks before the event.