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12th August 2023

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Koblenzer Sommerfest Rhein In Flammen Feuerwerk Festung Kaiser Frey


The highlight of the event will be the spectacular fireworks along the stretch of the Rhine from Spay/Braubach to Koblenz.
As soon as the themes of the fireworks for 2023 are fixed, we will inform you about them on this page.

Below is the description of the fireworks from 2022:

Place and Description of the fireworks


Prelude with luminous effects

The first fireworks start with glistening rising comets and powerful thunderclaps.
Especially bright floral effects in white and neon determine the first combinations.



Red dalia over Braubach

Circular flowers bathe the town of Braubach with the Marksburg Castle in a magical red at the beginning of the fireworks.
The varied program sequence is broken up by various special effects such as rings, smilies and red hearts.
The impressive finale of multicolored fire flowers forms the conclusion.



Rhine Romantic

Along the banks of the Rhine at the height of Stolzenfels Castle, comets and bombs will rise from several ignition points.
At the beginning, novelties from the New Year's Eve program Green Line will be on display.
Premium effects such as palm trees, flicker comets will follow in quick succession of shots.



The mouth of the Lahn in a colorful sea of flowers

Colorful flowers shine in different sizes along the mouth of the Lahn.
Chinese flower effects are partly ignited from several places at the same time and paint varied compositions on the night sky.
A drumfire of colorful flowers provides a furious finale.


Festung Ehrenbreitstein

Grand finale fireworks over the Ehrenbreitstein fortress

Under the motto: Rhine in flames - our summer dream there will be a varied mix of summer hits and good mood songs to accompany the big closing fireworks.
A wide range of different effects and colors will be used.
New effect ideas from Spain, Italy and China were purchased especially for this event.
In a gigantic three-minute finale, all highlights are combined once again.

Fireworks and environment

Sustainability plays an important role in the implementation of the event: Our fireworks partner NICO Europe is permanently developing its products in the context of sustainability.
This year, for the first time, only fireworks of the so-called Green Line will be used at the Stolzenfels location - they are noise-reduced, plastic-free and the shells are made of recycled paper.
Further information on the Green Line can be found here.

In addition, all unavoidable CO2 emissions from the fireworks are compensated. The Rhine in Flames fireworks can therefore be implemented CO2-neutral. here you can see the compensation certificate.